Cult of the Coiled Queen

TTRPG Adventure Module Kickstarter


Tabletop Roleplaying Game Adventure Module. Part Investigation game, part Hex Crawl, part Dungeon Delve. Comes with plenty of maps, handouts, and art to make your game hum.

Who is the Villain?

A powerful Medusa by the name of The Coiled Queen came to the region only a year ago and has been driving the influence of her charismatic, brainwashing gaze into the minds of those unlucky enough to be captured by the cult that has formed around her.

She seeks to spread her influence, to eventually become a Goddess and exact vengeance against those who wronged her.

Story Arc

First, the party uncovers the dark secrets of Cragsdale, the treachery of the Shire Reeve, and the ever-encroaching influence of the Coiled Queen. The clues they uncover during their investigation will shape the tools, information, and NPCs they will have at their disposal.

From there they explore the region surrounding Cragsdale and travel to the lair of the Coiled Queen. Depending on how well-informed the party is, this might be a meandering trek or a decisive march to the cult’s stronghold.

The party delves into the abandoned mine that the Coiled Queen has set up as her lair to rescue prisoners and defeat the source of the cult's power; the Coiled Queen herself!


For now, PDF only. We love physical books, and I would love to have a hardcover copy of this adventure to sit alongside my copy of the Player's Handbook, Keeper's Guide, and my copies of AD&D adventure modules. That would be kickass.

Unfortunately, the reality is a little less rosy. Print costs and logistics right now are crazy, and I will always prefer to under-promise and over-deliver.

Potential Stretch Goals

Our current funding goal is to create the product as we have envisioned it with the most feasible scope. But if we get more funding, we will add more art, more polish, and more handy tools to really make the adventure as easy to run as we can make it.

More Art and/or More Detailed Art

We love having cool art in our book, and the process of having a crazy idea go from thought to page is fantastic. It doesn't (and shouldn't) come cheap though; especially as it gets larger or more detailed. I am constantly amazed at the skill of the artists we have already commissioned for this project, and I really hope we get to put more cool art in this book.

Once we reach this stretch goal, we'll allocate a large portion of those additional funds into more and better art. The specifics of how that'll be spent will be hashed out when we hit our goal. Art commissioning varies in cost based on size, level of detail, and timeframe of delivery.

Pregen Portfolio

At a base level, our adventure will come with pre-generated characters. With this stretch goal reached, we can create more characters and include character portraits for all of the pre-generated characters.

Token Pack

I played my TTRPGs online for years, even before it became more of a necessity as my friends and I moved away for various reasons. Supporting online play of our games will be a priority for us.

Once we reach this level of funding, we will create token packs for Roll20, Foundry, and Fantasygrounds. Each token set will be designed around the specifications of that particular VTT.

Who We Are

Old Gods Games is a publisher that is focused on the sort of adventures and TTRPG supplements that we want to see more of. We focus on the sort of products that would be equally useful whether it is modularly inserted into an existing game or used as the basis of a new campaign.

We do not like sprawling epics that take a party from level 1 to 14 and take multiple years to complete. That is a recipe for unfinished stories and fizzled-out campaigns.

We've been there, we've done that, and we want to make the kind of stories that don't have that issue.

Why We Care

We play and love TTRPGs.

Our Plan

Our publication plan has four Phases

Phase 1: Production

Phase 2: Playtesting & Revisions

Phase 3: Polish & Shine

Phase 4: Distribution & Feedback